Thank you for using Camr.

Here we'd like to teach you how to import favourite images to Camr for stickers.

1. You should prepare some transparent background png image resources
It's an easy way to find them from " google image search ".
You can search the keyword with " filetype:png ", and set filters with transparent background and PNG files.
The results will be all good transparent images.


2. Add your image resources to your Dropbox folder and get the share link
Dropbox is the only way to import your images that we support currently.
You can create a folder for any name, and store all your stickers.
Then share the folder's link to Camr.


3.Paste the Dropbox share link to Camr
1.Paste the share link on the text field then press ok  to start download.


4.The download process will start soon
If you don't like to wait, you can hide the download dialog or cancel the process.


5.Enjoy your stickers
Every link will create a category, so you can create different folders in your dropbox to store images.


Final : 
If you have any collections, please share the link to us on this page.

Here are some links for sample:

Despicable me :

Inside out :

Monsters :

Terry :